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Who are we?

We provide cost effective maintenance and protective solutions for steel and concrete applications.

These solutions are for industrial, comercial and decorative markets.

We have been servicing the Southern African region since 2003.

We are certified applicators for a comprehensive range of major protective coatings and cement resurfacing manufacturers.

We strive for continuous professional development with our well trained application crews to insure the highest quality applications and installations. 

Our products and applications can add beauty and safety to you or your customer’s properties and lower your cost of maintenance.

We have a wide variety of different types of decorative and repair applicatioins for your steel and flooring needs. We are your decorative and protective steel and flooring solutions provider!

Why these solutions?

As concrete ages, it deteriorates, resulting in discolored, stained, cracked, chipped, weakened and porous concrete surfaces. Weather, wear, moisture, freeze/thaw, and earth movement are all contributing factors of gradual surface deterioration.

Same goes for steel used in harsh enviroments or exposed to the elements resulting in rust , which can in some cases result in weakening certain steel structures

That’s where we come in. You don’t need to waste time and money by removing the existing concrete or steel structures. Our customers come all from industries with projects big and small.

What do we do?

Fath provides asset protection services and maintenance solutions to our clients through specialist expertise and skilled labour combined with appropriate products and equipment. Fath operates from premises throughout South Africa, with permanent operations in Namibia.

Concrete maintenance and coating services:

  • New concrete flooring 
  • Protective and decorative concrete coatings
  • Industrial resurfacers
  • Concrete floor resurfacing

Steel maintenance and coating services:

  • Protective and decorative steel coatings
  • Industrial and Commercial applications

With our team’s superior comprehension and experience these services are available over a number of market areas.

Our Integrity

We are a family owned business and take pride in customer service and quality applications. We feel that through open communication and honesty in our dealings we will inspire trust by delivering a quality application and following through with promises.


Our Reputation

We are proud of our company and our reputation. We will do whatever necessary to ensure our customers expectations are exceeded and keep our excellent customer satisfaction rating at 100%.

Quality Statement

Our goal is to provide the best quality finish product on time, every time. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations while offering the best value possible. Regardless of project size or value, all customers are the same and deserve our very best quality workmanship. We appreciate our customers and respect the investment made in our services and trust placed in our company.

Please contact us and we will either assist you on the telephone or arrange for one of our representatives to meet you personally to discuss your coating or flooring needs