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Company Background

Fath Coatings was established in 2003 and grew into a company providing high quality protective coatings for steel and concrete which include:

  • Normal and specialised steel coatings
  • Flooring
  • Concrete rehabilitation and protection
  • Surface preparation capabilities for both steel and concrete

Fath differentiates itself with the quality of work that we deliver and this enables us to perform a superior service which is also delivered on time.

Our customer satisfaction is high throughout SA and abroad. 

Training of our employees takes place both in-house and by our suppliers. Our well trained employees are supported by continuous quality control, materials, tools and services we acquire from reputable suppliers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality cost effective service, on time, and to have a high level of customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s resurfacing existing damaged concrete, staining concrete or protective steel coatings we can help.
Fath offers solutions to restore and resurface concrete and steel to its original or better condition while providing our customers with a decorative alternative to traditional types of flooring or coatings.