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Fath provides the market with specialised coatings, linings and plural component applications which involves material that is complicated and difficult to apply, usually requiring expensive and specialised equipment and complex methods of application for example – Polyurea, phenolic coatings, solvent free epoxies, high heat systems, ceramic linings etc. Some examples of the applications are for internal and external linings against acids, alkaline, abrasives, submersions and stone shielding of tanks and pipes.

Plural component coatings are nothing new. They’ve been in use in the industrial painting industry since the 1970s and as demand for the benefits of plural component coatings has increased − benefits such as shorter curing times, less waste & fewer VOCs emitted,  the technologies associated with plural component spray systems have also made advances.An increased demand for heavy-duty, plural component coatings has led to rapid improvements in the methods used to apply them. While some plural component spray systems have become easier to use as a result of technological advances, the capabilities needed to own, operate and maintain these systems have increased dramatically. This has driven the demand for highly professional industrial painting operations that understand how to employ plural component spray systems to achieve the high level of performance owners are coming to expect from their coatings.

One of the benefits of polyurea, which is a plural component application, is to replace rubber lining in the following applications:Linear Screen

  • Mining Industry: (Linear screens, Vibrating screens, Conveying systems, etc.)
  • Water Supply Industry: (External coatings and buried pipe lines as a stone shield and for corrosion protection)


The main benefits of polyurea are quick drying, commissioning time is shorter, the total cost of application is lower than rubber lining, easy to repair and seamless with NO joints, solvent free and more durable.

We offer a total solution to asset protection.